About Us

Batia & Aleeza were raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a family of six children. Both parents were hard workers and they instilled this same work ethic in their children. Their father was in the Israeli army and their mother worked for a clothing manufacturer. From a young age the two sisters exhibited their ethic and a passion for hair styling. As they grew, the two were inseparable and rarely did anyone see one without the other.

Their passion began by doing each other’s hair and grew into a profession when they began to take hair design classes together.

Upon graduation, the two opened a hair salon in Tel Aviv combining their love for hair and the work ethic taught to them by their parents. The salon grew to be a success attracting actors and models from the surrounding area. The sisters moved to Los Angeles in 1978, and spent some time working for someone else but eventually opened their own hair salon in 1980 in West Hollywood. Just six years ago, they moved their business location to Beverly Hills and hung up their shingle under their own names. Both have long since married- Batia to cardiologist Uri Elkayam and Aleeza to director Marty Callner (Director of Jerry Seinfeld’s I’m Telling You for the Last Time). Now happy parents of many beautiful children, the two gather together their combined families every Friday night to do what they do best, enjoy each other’s company.

In fact, it was a conversation between the two sisters during a family gathering that sparked the idea for their product line especially designed for curly hair. The two were in beautiful Hawaii enjoying paradise when they looked at each other. Each one remarked and laughed at how frizzy each other’s hair looked. They realized then that humidity and other environmental conditions are no reason or excuse for frizzy hair. Working with a chemist and their experience with many different kinds of hair products, they developed a line of botanical hair care products that supplement their already successful salon.

When it comes to business, they’re as inseparable as they were as little girls when they first started braiding each others hair. Batia directs the business side of things, while Aleeza handles their artistic direction.

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