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beach waves

Summer time calls for beach waves! And not only the water kind, but the hair kind as well. For beach waves, no volume at the roots and the ends are undone. When re-creating it, the trick is to keep all the waves concentrated in the middle. Tame your roots: Use your fingers, not a brush Continue Reading


We’ve had a few clients ask us how can they keep their curls lasting longer than a day. Well we’ve got a way of maintaining them, check it out:   Do not wash your hair frequently: Washing your hair everyday causes for natural oils to vanish. These oils are the onesĀ  that keep the style Continue Reading


We’ve discovered more food options for healthy hair. Give these healthy foods for healthy hair a shot: Oysters: Oysters are an excellent source of zinc which provides your hair with healthy nutrition that prevents hairloss. Also, zinc is an immune booster so your immune system stays strong too! Nuts: The brazil nut is a great Continue Reading


We’ve been asked about ways to have great, healthy, shine hair. One of our common answers is definitely nutrition. Your eating habits also have an impact on your hair and scalp. Here are a few of the necessary foods you want to have make your hair even more amazing:   Carrots: Besides the fact that Continue Reading

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