Hello Friends and Family, The month of February is coming to an end which can only mean one thing.. Spring is around the corner! Time to get our sunblock lotions, our fresh clothes, sandals, and get our hair spring ready!  As we all know, the sun starts shining and gets warmer in this season, so Continue Reading


Meet our friend Ayelet Ben-Shanar, she stopped by and dropped us a comment; “Best Hair Salon in LA! I got the Delux Full Hair treatment, starting with color, the exact hair cut I wanted and a sexy blow dry. Also, Thank You for the delicious Cappuccino while my hair was getting done. Batia and Aleeza, Continue Reading

Once again friends and family, we want to thank you for always helping us out and making our days brighter even under gloomy weather. As promised, we are here to answer the questions we asked of you. So without further delay let the responses begin: NICOLE BRODIE asked: “Whats the best way to wash my Continue Reading


We know every lady that isn’t satisfied with their hair is always on the hunt for a new do, look, Brazilian blowout or even perms. But there’s a few things that aren’t put out in public for us to know.. One of them is harmful results. Sure you may get a good outcome but it Continue Reading


The beautiful Inbar Lavi stopped by again to get her hair colored done by none other than Batia. The color Inbar currently has is Medium Redish Brown. It’s a great color specially in this chilly season. For amazing curls we used the Batia and Aleeza Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. To finish this look you’ll need Continue Reading

lazy easy hair

So we’ve been receiving clients at the salon talking about running errands on Saturday and how lazy they are to do their hair.  Trying to look cute is a challenge on days like these and there’s no time to find a solution to this problem. Well ladies, here’s a small problem solver. Whether you decide Continue Reading


So as we’ve noticed the wet windy weather is interfering with our looks. Your hair is in jeopardy due to this but we have a couple of solutions and tips to avoid this problem.   -Moisturizing your hair with the right products will help have less frizz when the cold and winds attack.     Continue Reading


Good Holiday Cheers to every one! Since Christmas and New Years is right around the corner we thought it would be a great idea to show you ladies a few easy do it yourself Up-Dos you can rock along with your awesome outfits for this Holiday Season. Let’s start off simple but really nice. One Continue Reading

Here are a few easy steps to acquire awesome frizz-free hair. This DIY will make your life a little easier when it comes to handling frizz in your hair. Step 1:  Shampoo & Rinse Step 2:   When applying conditioner to your hair make sure you use a brush. This will help the conditioner distribute evenly Continue Reading