Batia and Aleeza suggest: Ladies, look at this image’s difference. We know that if you have curly hair you sometimes don’t know how manage it and you would much rather prefer straight hair. Truth be told, having straight hair is pretty but when you straighten your hair, the chemicals aren’t good for your hair which Continue Reading


You Must Check  This site for Curly Hair problems.        Curly Nikki: Curly girls have a lot of hair angst, if the number of blogs devoted to curly hair maintenance is any indication. But all curly roads eventually lead to Curly Nikki. Nikki is a psychotherapist who knows about the very real trauma Continue Reading


Modern Salon: We love this site because it’s so insider-y. Meant for hair professionals, you’ll find lots of dish on hair products, how-tos, and gorgeous hair photos. Plus there are several blogs on the site, including a beauty school diary. A must-stop for any hair obsessive.But as we know Batia and Aleeza has it all, Continue Reading


Batia and Aleeza have been greatly getting asked about their Hair Repair Mask and how it works. Now that the summer is about to end, you’ll probably notice that you have some hair damage due to the sun, heat, chlorine, and etc. Well, we have the right solution to that problem and it gives you Continue Reading


 Fall is near, we’re trying to get to know each one of you by asking for your opinions, comments, suggestions, and desires. We’ve been around for so long and it’s time we get to discover what your needs are. Here at Batia & Aleeza, we’re always looking into the next best big thing for you, Continue Reading


So we’ve been questioned about how to get this certain essential, dramatic, and curly look from home. Well we have the answer for you! It all consist of the hair cut, color,  highlights, and product usage. First we start with the base color, followed by the highlights placing, then finally the cut and style. Its Continue Reading


New Client?   Hello! And welcome to the wonderful world of Batia and Aleeza Hair Salon. We’re located in the heart of beautiful Beverly Hills, right on Camden Drive. Moved from West Hollywood after 25yrs, been here since 2002 and don’t plan on leaving. If you’re looking for a heart-warming, cozy like home, full of Continue Reading


Surprise surprise!! We are pleased to give you exciting news. As of today, Batia and Aleeza will be giving away surprises every day to those that come into the salon and check-in through FaceBook. That’s right! Free gifts! So spread the word, set up an appointment at Batia & Aleeza, check-in, and enjoy! Call us Continue Reading


Hello Friends and Followers! I hope every one of you is enjoying their summer so far! As much fun swimming, bbqing, and game playing under the sun is, it is also damaging towards your hair. The sun can damage your hair with prolonged exposure. UVA and UVB rays have the power to damage the hair Continue Reading


Hey friends and followers!   Batia, Aleeza, and staff care about your satisfaction, we love to hear what you have to say or what you think. We constantly check up on our yelp, citysearch, FaceBook comments and messages. Our goal is to improve and serve you a better hair experience but we need your help Continue Reading