So as we’ve noticed the wet windy weather is interfering with our looks. Your hair is in jeopardy due to this but we have a couple of solutions and tips to avoid this problem.


-Moisturizing your hair with the right products will help have less frizz when the cold and winds attack.



  • When washing hair use a gentle moisturizing shampoo. You don’t want to use a harsh shampoo that leaves hair dry.
  • Use a conditioner that will work with and for your hair and not against it. Cheap conditioners can smell good but could leave hair tangled, greasy, and damaged.
  • Also try using a rejuvenating and fortifying hair mask. Look for a deep-hydrating, that repairs and protects your hair.
  • Avoid the frozen hair by making sure that you dry your hair thoroughly before stepping outside. Cold weather can freeze your hair strands causing breakage and split ends.
  • And the easiest of all steps is simply covering up. Wearing head wear, hats, scarfs, and other soft fabric gear could save you from a hard time with your hair. Keeps cold wind away and it keeps you warm.

Feel free to give us any suggestions, comments, and questions. We appreciate all the feedback!