We know every lady that isn’t satisfied with their hair is always on the hunt for a new do, look, Brazilian blowout or even perms. But there’s a few things that aren’t put out in public for us to know.. One of them is harmful results. Sure you may get a good outcome but it can affect you in ways you didn’t think were possible.


Brazilian Blow Out: Although Brazilian Blow Out leave your hair looking so very straight it actually contains chemicals used to preserve eggs of parasite worms, or as a boot disinfectant bath(in poultry farms).  Also this colorless pungent gas is known to cause cancer. New formulas are out now, so be sure to keep an eye on those labels.

 Perms: As we know perms are for straight hair that want to turn curly. But know that after perming your hair you will notice your hair texture start to change. This is due to the ammonium applied to it which causes hair to dry up leaving it brittle and more liable for breakage.  The only solution to this problem is by simply cutting off the hair that was treated with a perm. Also, in some cases, perms cause hair loss and regrowth to take longer than usual.

Relaxers: Relaxers are meant for curly, kinky, frizzy hair. The risks from relaxing hair too much or too often are as followed: Chemical Burns, Irritation, receding hairline, red scalp, and many more that can harm your health as well as hair. There’s also times when an irritation can turn into something worse such as a scalp infection. Be sure to know how your skin and scalp will react to such chemicals.