As previously posted, we had some ideas of what the fall season color trend would be. And as predicted we were right! Check out the following official Fall Hair Color Trends:

1. Chalking

Chalking is an easy and fun way to experiment with bright hues! Anything from purple, green, to cotton candy colors such as pink and blue.


2. Vibrant Reds

Vibrant Reds made it to this list. Seems like Reds don’t get old and why would they?! They look great in any season and anytime. Adds a little kick in your look whether you’re going all out, or having a sophisticated night.


3. Ombre

And last but not least, the ever so popular ombre look, seen on some of your favorite A-listers such as Drew Barrymore and Ciara. This is our all time favorite and obviously this season’s too! This look worked wonderful in the summer and it remained for another season. Also the reverse ombre is making a big impact. The name says it all, light at the top and dark at the bottom.


So there you have it! Try one of these trends out if you haven’t already. Keep up with fall and it’s chilliness. Let us know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what’s next for you!