We had the beautiful Cynthia Occelli stop in today to get her hair treated properly before her show in San Diego. She’s truly is a wonderful person with great hair sending out a positive message for all ladies to learn from. Check out what she wrote about us and her book as well! Love you Cynthia and see you soon<3










“Today I visited @Batia & Aleeza, the only salon that can handle my hair (look at their picture in the photo behind me and you’ll understand). While there I found some earrings that whispered Earth Goddess to me. They are made locally by www.tamirjewels.com. It was a nice way to celebrate the receipt of the first two copies of my book. It’s important to do nice things for yourself, big or small doesn’t matter–just do them. I went first, now it’s your turn. What have you done for YOU lately?”