We all know that exercising is essential for a happy, healthy life style. But did you know that your hair also needs exercise? Indeed it does. It can’t just be set in one way. Your hair needs movement as well as love.  So here are a few tips that Batia & Aleeza LOVE to share with their clients.

Exercise your hair by:

Touching It- Don’t be scared to touch your hair. Touching it and running your fingers through it will not cause it to fall out and will not damage it. If anything, you’re letting your hair get used to the way you want it to sit. Style it with your hands and fingers freely.

Crunching It- This is more of a hair style tip but it still helps exercise it. Instead of using a brush or comb, use your hands to crunch it up. This will add more definition to your curls and will help prevent frizz.

Massaging It- This is the most relaxing tip of all! Be sure to massage your scalp, head, and hair. It relieves stress, and makes you feel better. When you feel better, so will your hair! You can do it while you shower, before you go to bed, and even after you wake up.