Having trouble managing your curly hair? Batia & Aleeza have been styling curly hair for decades. They will give you the advice and treatment needed to fashion that natural look all women want. When you come into our beauty salon, we want you to leave feeling more beautiful than ever, but more importantly, we want you leaving our hair salon knowing just how easy it is to manage your curly hair. From the basics, to the intricacies of curly hair styling and maintenance, Batia & Aleeza will help you redefine those frizzies. Batia & Aleeza offers superior styling techniques to make ordinary hair become extraordinary. Whether you just want simple styling with a cleansing shampoo and deep conditioning hair treatment or an entirely new style, Batia & Aleeza can provide it for you. Batia & Aleeza have developed their own hair care line of Bio-Natural Shampoo, Bio-Protein Conditioner, and Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel. Seems simple? Well it is! All it takes is these three exceptional products to produce unbelievable results. By using these products you could create beautiful curly hair everyday