Batia and Aleeza have been greatly getting asked about their Hair Repair Mask and how it works. Now that the summer is about to end, you’ll probably notice that you have some hair damage due to the sun, heat, chlorine, and etc. Well, we have the right solution to that problem and it gives you stupendous results as well. Batia & Aleeza’s Hair Repair Mask is a DIY at home product. Here are the simple steps:





  • Wash hair with Batia&Aleeza shampoo.
  • Apply Batia & Aleeza Hair Repair Mask, comb thoroughly.
  • Leave in hair for 5 minutes or more. At this time you can soap your body.
  • Rinse (If curly hair, leave some in.)
  • pat dry.
  • For style use Batia & Aleeza sculpting gel.
  • Crunch hair, towel dry, or diffuser dry.


And that should get your hair back to it’s beautiful natural state of being.

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