So we’ve been questioned about how to get this certain essential, dramatic, and curly look from home. Well we have the answer for you!

It all consist of the hair cut, color,  highlights, and product usage. First we start with the base color, followed by the highlights placing, then finally the cut and style. Its all a matter of highlight placing and cutting that gives you this amazing look. But the secret lays in the product used for this look. Batia and Aleeza products is the trick. Our line helps you keep a smooth, yet voluptuous hair texture. Our sculpting gel has enough strength to keep the style in place but softness to still move around. As well as our hair mask, which works miracles, conditioning and leaving your hair frizz free. And if you didn’t know, never lose hair by using Batia & Aleeza products. Perfect to use on any type of hair and style because its not made of harsh chemicals. So don’t wait any more, call us to set up your appointment or simply come in! <3