beach waves

Summer time calls for beach waves! And not only the water kind, but the hair kind as well. For beach waves, no volume at the roots and the ends are undone. When re-creating it, the trick is to keep all the waves concentrated in the middle.

Tame your roots: Use your fingers, not a brush or a comb, to detangle freshly washed hair. Then blow-dry your roots only, pointing the nozzle of the dryer directly down on them while raking your fingers through.

Once your roots are dry, rub a leave-in conditioner or styling cream between your palms and run your hands through the middle of your hair. Twist half of your hair into a large bun and blow-dry until it’s 80 percent dry.  Then switch to the other side. This will produce that sexy bend.

Create Waves: When your hair is totally dry, add waves throughout the middle with a one inch curling iron. The key here is to use a medium heat setting- if it’s too hot, you’ll make tight spirals. Starting two inches below your roots, wrap a section of hair loosely around the iron. Loosen up the curl and you are all set!