We’ve had a few clients ask us how can they keep their curls lasting longer than a day. Well we’ve got a way of maintaining them, check it out:


Do not wash your hair frequently: Washing your hair everyday causes for natural oils to vanish. These oils are the ones  that keep the style in place. Depending on the type of hair and how much oil your scalp produces, wash at least once, twice a week or every other day.

Use Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner: Try using a shampoo and conditioner that adds volume to your hair. These will help keep your hair bouncy and light all day, unlike other voluminous products that may weigh your hair down causing for the style to disappear quick.

Curly-Hair Gel: Finding a gel that works with your hair as well as giving your hair that extra boost to maintain the style can be tough but when you discover one you’ll be set. Say no to gels that leave your hair stiff without a natural bounce, those create an icky outcome.

Heat Protecting Serum: Curling your hair causes damage, be sure to use a heat protection serum that will help your hair and not against it. Even if you use gel your hair wont be protected. A serum will also add shine and help your curls looks more natural. Win-Win situation, yay!

Blow-dry hair upside down: Yes, you read that right. Doing so will add more natural volume, which makes curling easier to do.

Spray, spray, hair spray: Don’t be afraid to use hairspray. After every layer you curl be sure to spray some, this will keep them in place. After you’re done curling, spray some more. Be sure to spray evenly around your hair and manage your hair to the way desired. Then finally you’ll have your locks locked in!