So fashion week has ended and there’s so many highlights from it. From the designer’s unique styles, to the gorgeous models and stars that were present. But what captivated our attention was the hairstyles used with each outfit. Curly hair made a huge appearance in various designers’ show. And we weren’t mad, we LOVED it. Curly/Wavy hair is also beautiful and NYFW has proven that, so let’s embrace those locks! <3

The following are a few styles that made our toes curl from excitement! :D

Timo Weiland gave this suit a feminine touch by having his model wear her curly hair down.

Cynthia Rowley had her girls wear big loose curls. Giving their wardrobe a dark but amazing character. 

Zang Toi was our most favorite collection. The way the curls were pinned up added elegance to the collection. The curls were still very visible and full of life. Love it!

3.1 Phillip Lim also had his girls wear their hair down. Looking so great!

Remember that Batia and Aleeza has you covered, so if there’s any of these styles you would like or have something else in mind don’t hesitate to contact us! We can give you this look or any you desire :D