This week’s question comes from Rebekah Londoff;
“I love my curly hair, but it tends to be flat on the top and then curly on the bottom. I fluff my hair to give it a little more volume at the top, but then the curls separate and my hair gets frizzier. Any advice on how I can get even curls from top to bottom and keep some volume in the top?”

Giving body to your hair depends on your haircut. It sounds like your hair is heavy on top, perhaps your past hairstylist wasnt able to properly cut the layers of curls. You need a special haircut for curly hair done by Batia. Also, using Batia & Aleeza products will help with the problem. They’re specially made for curly hair but can do wonders to all types of hair. If you come in we will teach you how to manage and style your beautiful curls. We are happy to help, so if you want more info or have any concerns please do contact us and let us know. Hope this was helpful :)

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Love Batia, Aleeza, Staff♥