Once again friends and family, we want to thank you for always helping us out and making our days brighter even under gloomy weather. As promised, we are here to answer the questions we asked of you. So without further delay let the responses begin:
“Whats the best way to wash my hair – and with what. Shampoo and conditioner..just shampoo..just conditioner… I never seem to get it right…and this is to manage the frizz please xxx (ps i have a feeling the best thing to do is to order your magic products)”

Thank you Nicole Brodie for your question. Hope these steps help you.
-First wash hair very well twice and rinse well.
-Apply conditioner all over hair
(be sure to use a brush to evenly distribute the conditioner)
-Rinse thoroughly and squeeze water out from hair.
-Then(this is the secret) apply conditioner once again this time not so much.
-Follow it by applying gel (make sure you put enough gel)
-You can either let it dry naturally or diffuse it.
(If diffusing try not to touch hair so much, this will prevent frizz)
-After hair is dry you can touch and open your beautiful curls.

All these steps using Batia & Aleeza Hair Products.
If you need more details be sure to stop by the salon, we are more than happy to teach you! (310)657-4512 :)